About Us

I started learning taxidermy at the age of nine. I grew up very, very poor.  At nine years old I saved my money from cutting grass and purchased a mail order taxidermy course from The North Western School of Taxidermy. 

I started out mounting road kill squirrels and chickens. . I would sell the squirrels to my classmates just so I would have decent clothes to wear to school. When I was in the United States Army I was stationed in Nurnberg West Germany. There I worked in a taxidermy studio Later i studied taxidermy in college.
I've been fortunate to have worked for some excellent taxidermist such as the late  Shane Smith. 
I've studied with the world famous Frank Newmyer in Gladwin, Michigan and Stefan Savides in Klamuth Falls, Oregon. Entering competitions and winning ribbons never was my goal. If I wasn't impressed with my art, how could I expect my clients to be. To put it in a nutshell, my art is of museum quality at commercial prices.